Kent's Top Floral Preservation Artist with over 25 years experience in Preserving & Framing Bouquets

Floristics 8 specialises in the Art of Flower Preservation and Pressing.  Flower preservation can be achieved with flowers of all occasions, from Bridal Bouquets to Remembrance & Funeral Tributes.  Flower Preservation, flower bouquet preservation, bouquet presewr bouquet preservation kent

Floristics 8 is a home based business, and has over 20 years of experience in the Art of Flower Preservation.  Floristics 8 is not, or part of,a franchise, and no work is sub-contracted.  All pictures of flower preservation and pressing viewed on this website have been created exclusively by Sarah-Jane. flower preservation, flower bouquet preservatio bouquet preservation preserved flowers flower preservation kent preserved flowers preservation Sarah-Jane is highly qualifed in the field of Horticulture as well as being an award winner for floristry in shows throughout the county of Kent, and has been commissioned for floral displays for royal visits & mayoral inaugurations.  Having knowledge of the botanical construction of flowers, Sarah-Jane became interested in the beautiful and unique Art of Flower Preservation enabling her to capture the beauty of a wide variety of exquisite blooms for always.  Preservation is a skill developed over the years to give stunning results.  From pressing to quick drying flowers in their 3 dimemsional forms and recreating their image in crafted flat, box or domed framed.  Business is mostly generated by recommendations and her work has travelled far from locally and throughout England and Britain to Australia, Germany and Peru. wedding flower preservation preserved flowers kent flower preservation kent bouquet wedding flower preservation wedding Definition of Preservation -
Preserve ; to keep alive in existence ;make lasting- to keep safe and protect, and in possession of; retain and prepare perishables so to resist decomposition or decay; to maintain unchanged or unaltered and intact; to keep, preserve, save, conserve, protect, maintain as a memento, reminder, keepsake or token.

To preserve or dry flowers in which each bloom is captured in it''s 3-D (3 dimensional form).  Quick extraction of moisture leaves flowers and foliage dried, yet displaying their natural form.

To press flowers each individual petal is pressed and flattened.  Each petal is carefully dismantled, pressed flat into a 2-D (2 dimensional form) and reconstructed to their original design.

Sarah-Jane of Floristics 8 is based and works locally in Gillingham, Kent, England as an independent Floral Preservation Artist specialising in pressing, preserving and framing flowers of all occasions from Bridal to remembrance.

Preservation of Wedding bouquets and posies; to remember your Wedding Day by embracing the moment captured in this unique art form.  Bouquets pressed or preserved, reconstructed and framed, displayed in their original glory, creating a stunning picture to cherish always.

Preservation of Remembrance flowers pressed or preserved to encapsulate treasured memories; a beautiful keepsake reflecting on precious times, incorporating photographs or readings.

History of the Preservation of Flowers
The earliest recorded history of flowers being preserved dates as far back as prehistoric man when bones discovered in the Middle East were found with a mantle of delicate wild flowers.  The remaining pollen grains were analyzed to give the specific identity of the flowers used. 

Some of the earliest surviving specimens of flower preservation can be traced to ancient Egypt. Divinities, pharaohs and commoners alike wore blossom garlands, wreaths and collars, of which, much time was taken over the crafting of these floral body adornments.  Floral garlands were not only adorned on the living.  Garlands were preserved and detailed preparations made using grains and herbs for the dead to enjoy in the next world. Mummies and coffins were decorated and draped with floral garlands, of which dried and preserved, to be found nearly 4,000 years later, and with great care, restored to resemble their former appearance.  King Tutankhamen''s coffins were wrapped in  preserved olive and celery leaves, cornflower heads, safflower, pomegranate blossom and blue and white lily petals.

The Japanese created Oshibana, the art of pressing flower to retain both the beauty and benefits of the living plant.  Over the centuries the art of flower pressing spread from Japan to Victorian England, Europe and the States.

In Victorian England came the idea of the language of flowers, when it was decided that to give a bouquet with flowers of a special meaning in themselves gave a greater pleasure, carrying messages of love, condolence, good luck to name but a few.  Preservation at this time then came into it''s own as the past time for the Victorian lady, from pressing a single bloom from a loved one between the pages of a book to clever arrangements in frames or glass domes using a variety of dried, preserved and pressed materials. 


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