Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions apply to all Floral Preservation, Resin & Jewellery undertaken by Floristics 8. On paying the required deposit on booking your flower art commission you understand and agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

Booking & Booking Deposits:  A booking deposit of £100.00 is required for every bouquet or arrangement or £50.00 for smaller orders of five blooms or less. Booking accompanied by the booking deposit will guarantee an allocated slot for preservation or pressing. No booking will be taken without the correct deposit. Bookings after an event are accepted, depending upon availability of space, when the correct deposit is required upon delivery of the flowers. No flowers will be preserved without the correct booking deposit. Flowers are required no later than 2 days after the event to obtain best results in the pressing or preservation process. An appointment will be made and confirmed to deliver the flowers within this 2-day period. Please state when booking in flowers which method of preservation you prefer, not all varieties of flowers or foliage are suitable or one or either method. Both processes once started are irreversible. Colour changes will occur in both processes due to extraction of moisture and a natural aging process once removed from press or preservation. Flowers and foliage are enhanced to restore colour although colour may still differ from the original, however all frames are fitted with UV glass to protect from damaging UV rays found in sunlight and come with hanging instructions. Resin is UV stabilized. Natural aging of flowers and foliage will continue over the years, resulting in colour changes.

Cancellation:  If you decide to cancel your order 30 days or more prior to the event your booking deposit will be refunded, no other monies paid with regards to the framing or preservation are refundable. No monies paid are refundable if cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to the event.

Condition of Flowers on Delivery:  We do not accept any flowers delivered by post or courier as we cannot accept responsibility for damage caused in transit. We reserve the right to refuse press or preserve flowers delivered if we consider the flowers to be unsuitable or in poor condition.

Frames & Frame Bookings:  You may book your frame in advance when pre-booking your order or on delivery of your flowers, either way, a frame deposit will be required before your frame will be put on order. We reserve the right, in the unlikely event of the frame style chosen being discontinued, to choose a replacement as close to your original choice as is possible. Some frame moulding may take longer to come from the manufacturer due to unforeseen circumstances; all frames are bespoke and made by a local framing business, due to busy periods they may be a delay in your frame being ready to collect therefore your picture may take longer to complete than the usual 12-16 weeks completion time we aim to achieve which is beyond our control.  All frame deposits are non-refundable.

Collection: When your order is ready for collection, I will contact you with a photograph of your completed picture by your agreed method of contact, to arrange a day and time to collect, when your final balance will be payable. No pictures will be released without full payment being made prior to collection. You have 30 days to collect and pay balance from the date from when you are first contacted for final payment. Due to limited storage space, I will not be able to hold any uncollected items after the 30-day collection period. Failure to pay balance within 30 days will result in disposal of flowers and frame returned to stock with no refund of any deposits or instalments previously paid.

Aftercare:  We hope you are happy with your completed picture and resin piece. Every effort is made to comply with your preservation wishes. Please follow instructions for hanging picture found on back of frame or instructions supplied with resin. Due to the nature of pressing and preservation, we are unable to guarantee the final results as all flowers are different having been exposed to many different stresses before finally arriving to us, flowers will also change over the coming years, you will observe a natural ageing process, although this is slowed with the use of UV glass and UV stabilized resin helping prevent light damage, but other factors such as heat and humidity changes can cause damage, all for which we cannot be held responsible.

Jewellery: All jewellery is non-refundable. Jewellery is